The historic Yopp House

The historic Yopp House, built in 1926 for Martin J Yopp, is a beautiful Colonial Revival structure on Lone Oak Road just past Whitehaven, on Hwy 45. The two story brick structure with soaring white porch columns was designed by Paducah architect Tandy Smith. Smith also remodeled Kenmil Place, a neighboring home, at about the same time. Yopp was founder of the Yopp Seed Company of Paducah. Many people living in Paducah remember being fascinated by Mr Yopp’s pet parrot, which was housed at the Yopp Seed Company. (The parrot wasn’t always child-friendly. It stayed in Mr Yopp’s pocket many hours of the day, peeping out to the delight of the small fry.) Yopp introduced many new and innovative practices to the region regarding agriculture. He was the first to plant legume lepedeza amongst his fruit trees in his own orchard. He also hosted a “national seed dealers convention’ at the home. The Yopps were well respected in Paducah as businessmen and in  national and statewide agricultural circles.