The gingerbread woodwork

The gingerbread woodwork of the beautiful List Drugstore of Paducah is a real showstopper to visitors of the Market House Museum. The two story woodwork interior was built in 1877, for  the original DuBois-Robertson Drug Store, located at 412-414 Broadway. It was constructed by German immigrant carpenters who knew their trade well. The drug store was leased in 1905 by the List family, who practiced as pharmacists there until the early 1960s. When the drugstore was closing, the Market House Museum, which was still in the process of becoming organized, was given the opportunity to relocate the drugstore’s interior to the Museum facility by Mrs Ethel DuBois Smith, granddaughter of the original builder. The relocation was accomplished in less than a year. The Museum opened to the public in 1968. In 1974 a horrendous fire occurred at the Museum, destroying a large section of the lacy woodwork. Local master woodworker Dick Baucum restored the woodwork to its former glory, at no charge, as a gift to the Museum. The restoration took many months, and was quite meticulous in scope. Mr Baucum saved every piece of salvageable woodwork, adding new wood where needed to restore the original design. Today the 1974 restoration is almost undetectable. The List drugstore is said to be the most complete surviving example of Eastlake drugstore architecture in the United States.