Do you remember these childhood toys from the 1960s?

Do you remember these childhood toys from the 1960s? A popular toy was the Viewmaster, which with the  slide of your index finger on a button tab, enabled you to see in full color, three dimension images! The circular cards were inserted in the top of the Viewmaster, and the small film images would rotate from one to the next. Kenner’s Spirograph allowed you to draw a million patterns with the greatest of ease, by the insertion of paper into the board, and putting a pen into  a small pivot hole in a rotating, racheted stencil of plastic. Every kid wanted one! Kenner also designed a winner for little girls with the Easy Bake Oven, which baked cakes and cookies with the assistance of a 60 watt light bulb. (The cakes were only 1 inch thick, and about 6 inches in diameter!) Rockin’ Sockin’ Robots was a favorite with the youngsters. They were a blue and red mechanical set of 7 inch robots which fought in a plastic arena; you would manipulate the toy to ‘knock the opponent’s block off.’ All these toys were available at Shoppers Fair, on Joe Clifton Drive, Paducah.