Did You Know

Tasty country hams

Tasty country hams were sold at Paducah’s 1850 Market House for just nine cents a pound. Coffee beans were freshly ground for customers at just 10 cents a pound, while you waited. The aroma of the coffee being ground was heavenly. Paducah was the site of many a coffee roasting and grinding enterprise. Bockman’s coffee was a Paducah favorite!

The historic Yopp House

The historic Yopp House, built in 1926 for Martin J Yopp, is a beautiful Colonial Revival structure on Lone Oak Road just past Whitehaven, on Hwy 45. The two story brick structure with soaring white porch columns was designed by Paducah architect Tandy Smith. Smith also remodeled Kenmil Place, a neighboring home, at about the same time. …

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The gingerbread woodwork

The gingerbread woodwork of the beautiful List Drugstore of Paducah is a real showstopper to visitors of the Market House Museum. The two story woodwork interior was built in 1877, for  the original DuBois-Robertson Drug Store, located at 412-414 Broadway. It was constructed by German immigrant carpenters who knew their trade well. The drug store was …

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